HealthSouth Pharmacy Loan Program

At HealthSouth, we want to provide you with the opportunity to pursue a rewarding career as a pharmacist or pharmacy technician.  Through the HealthSouth Loan Program, loan recipients commit to combine their skills with direct patient and family contact in one of HealthSouth’s advanced hospitals for a designated period of time upon graduation.

The HealthSouth Loan Program is designed to work two different ways.  It can be utilized by qualified students in need of loan assistance to achieve their clinical degree in a pharmacy or pharmacy technician program; or by qualified graduates wishing to be reimbursed for loans incurred while pursuing their clinical degree.  It is designed to help fit the applicants’ needs as well as the needs of the hospitals; therefore, interested applicants should discuss their interest in the loan program with the hospital or with their recruiter. 

For details regarding eligibility, download the Pharmacy Loan Booklet.

Work Commitment

Pharmacy student loan recipients commit to accept employment with HealthSouth for a designated period of time upon satisfactory completion of the course of study. The work commitment period will be based on the loan amount awarded and will be equivalent to full-time status hours.
Students: Work commitment will begin upon satisfactory completion of the course of study and receipt of applicable licensure.
Graduates: Work commitment will begin the date of payment. Any previous employment with HealthSouth prior to receiving the loan funds does not apply to the work commitment.

Loan Amount Work Commitment
Up to $5000 Paid hours equivalent to a 1-year period (2,080 hours) with a maximum 5-year work commitment
$5001 - $10,000 Paid hours equivalent to a 2-year period (4,160) with a maximum 5-year work commitment

The maximum loan amount per pharmacy applicant is $10,000 and per pharmacy technician is $5,000.  *We are not able to guarantee a loan for all applicants. The loans are awarded based on meeting the requirements and availability of funds. It is at the discretion of each hospital as to whether they sponsor non employees, take part in the program as a whole, or how much they will have available for loan funds each year.

To apply for our Pharmacy Student Loan Program, please contact your local hospital.  Click here for hospital listings to inquire as to whether or not they have any available sponsorship.

For any questions about the pharmacy loan program or for questions concerning the forms, please contact:

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